Lacquer-Permeated Document no. 8: Dewa Province accounting report draft

This is part of an “accounting report” (daichō), which sums up the ancient resident registers called “keichō.” “Young boy” is an age category for boys aged 4–16 years. The age-wise breakdown is recorded in most formal Chinese characters. The resident register consists of an “accounting report” (statistical records), which lists the number of households and people in individual provinces, and a “rekimei” (name list), which describes the names of people and the characteristics of individual households. The account was put together by the provincial government and sent to the central government in the capital. This document is thought to have been a draft for putting together the provincial government’s accounting report. It is potent historical evidence that indicates that a provincial government existed in Akita Fort. It is a document from the middle Nara period that was excavated near the east gate of the outer wall.