Lacquer-Permeated Document no. 18: Emishi resident register

This is a register that lists names and ages. It is a resident register of Emishi that had been incorporated into the ritsuryō order. The names Wada and Odakano live on as place names in present-day Kawabe, Akita City. Names like “Wada no kimi” and “Odakano no kimi” that combine a place name with “kimi” were given to the residents of Emishi after it was incorporated into the ritsuryō order. The text concludes by indicating that they were not to be taxed, which shows that newcomers in the ritsuryō order had the benefit of being exempted from taxation. The age of other documents excavated there suggests that this was written in the first half of the ninth century. This is an important historical source to know about Emishi’s incorporation into the ritsuryō order.