Bon Odori by Koyanagi Tsutomu

These sculptures with the Bon Odori theme are original figures arranged in dancing poses in Nishimonai and Hitoichi.
– I guess my life was all about immersing myself in chopping wood, carving stones, and working with clay. I have enjoyed the agony of pursuing and continuing to create what represents me. –
Koyanagi Tsutomu (1941–) was born in Akita City and graduated from Akita University. Later, he studied at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts under the sculptor Kikuchi Kazuo. He was awarded the Prefectural Exhibition Special Prize, Shinsakka Award at the annual exhibition of Shinseisaku, and many others. He is currently a member of the Japan Artists Association, Shinseisaku, Akita Fine Artists Association, and Akita Sculptor Union.