Ikoma Lacquer

Ikoma lacquer started when Ikoma Hiroshi and the Chikao family moved from Taiwan to their hometown Akita after World War II. They managed a factory in Okinawa. They established the basis for industrial crafts by guiding and improving Ryukyu lacquer in terms of its raw materials manufacturing, coating process, and opening a market. They saw the end of the war in Taiwan, where they built a factory to nurture the industry.
Lacquer work was not popular in Akita. However, Ikoma lacquer was established in the region by applying experiences fostered in Okinawa and Taiwan and techniques from all over Japan. In this way, Ikoma lacquer came to be known for being unconstrained by tradition and reflective of a modern sensibility.
Ikoma lacquer incorporates the Ryukyu lacquering technique to stretch lacquer-added pigments and cut them into shapes to paste on wood surfaces. The simple and practical lacquerware is predominantly painted red and black. This color sense and sophisticated original design are unique to Ikoma lacquer.