Kijiyama Kokeshi

Akita’s traditional kokeshi is a type called Kijiyama.
Kijiyama Kokeshi can be traced back to the Tensei era (1573–1592). Mr. Ogura, a woodturner from Oumi (today’s Saga Prefecture), created a kokeshi while moving from region to region before settling in Kijiyama in Yuzawa City, Minase. The current form was created by the third-generation Ogura Kyuusirou.
The Kijiyama Type includes Kijiyama Kokeshi and Kawatsura Kokeshi (Yuzawa City, Kawatsura), Oyasu Kokeshi (Yuzawa City), and Yuzawa Kokeshi (Yuzawa City). All of them were made of one piece of wood and had a thick trunk with a small head. They often have tegara (a cloth hair accessory to tie a bun) and bangs on their heads, and aprons or kimonos with ume and chrysanthemum flowers on their trunks.