Fireworks of Omagari

Daisen City is a city of fireworks, as firework events are held here throughout the year. Among the districts of Daisen City, Omagari has the longest tradition of firework competitions in summer and a new tradition of characteristic firework events in spring and autumn.

Spring Session of Omagari Fireworks: These began in 2017 with the 16th International Firework Symposium. The spring session of Omagari Fireworks allows people to enjoy the international variety of fireworks and the world gets to know about Japanese fireworks.

Fall Session of Omagari Fireworks: This is a theatrical firework performance held for an hour with narration. The theme is different every year. In 2016, a variety of blue fireworks were presented. In 2017, the entertainment firework show was titled, ‘Firework Theater with Akita Blooming’.

Winter Session of New Omagari Fireworks: This event offers an opportunity for young firework artists to present their latest creative works in #4-size and #5-size. The Omagari family skiing ground becomes a stage for the first firework event of the year.