World Renowned Japanese Hanabi

– Perfectly Spherical Classic Japanese Hanabi
Hanabi form a large spherical flower, a shape familiar to the Japanese. However, this structure is unique to Japan. The Japanese love the beauty of a simple and complete perfect circle. Today, there are techniques to draw double, triple, quadruple, and even quintuple concentric circles. The Perfect Circle is the simplest, ultimate form for the Japanese Hanabi, which can only be created by the hands of highly trained craftsmen.

– Transient Beauty: Appreciating Fleeting Moments
One characteristic of Japanese fireworks is that their names often come from flowers and plants, such as Chrysanthemum, Peony, and Willow. Further, the gunpowder grains that make fireworks and create their colors are called stars. They spark for a few seconds, while blooming and burning out in the night sky, a short-lived trace of colors and light. This is an artform of delicate and exquisite lights that are destined to fade away. Thus, the sensibility of the Japanese to see beauty in evanescence is ingrained in Hanabi.

Beauty in Form
The main characteristic of Japanese fireworks is that they form a large, uniform sphere. Shells of shaku-dama (fireworks shells approximately 30 cm in diameter) explode to create spheres about a thousand times bigger than themselves high up in the sky. Even a small error within the stars inside the shells is magnified a thousand times. Fireworks artists thus work carefully every day to avoid such flaws. They seek a beautiful form for each shell size. This beauty in form is the basic element that Japanese fireworks artists pursue.

Beauty in Hue
The variety of colors for fireworks continues to grow worldwide. Even so, Japanese ones are unique in that each small star comprising the fireworks changes color. This marvelous technique involves creating stars by covering them with many layers of gunpowder. Very intricate adjustments are made at almost microscopic level to ensure the exceptional beauty seen in the hues of elegant Japanese fireworks.

Beauty in Sound
Fireworks are a Japanese summer tradition. Earlier, the explosive sounds, along with the shining lights and colors were expected to vanquish evil and heat. The beautiful sounds refreshed and cleansed people’s minds.

Beauty in Smoke
Just like light for night fireworks, smoke is the highlight of day fireworks in the sky. The smoke colored red, yellow, blue, green, and purple helps to draw images. White smoke stands out against the blue sky and black against the cloudy sky. The elegant beauty created with smoke is another fascinating aspect of Japanese fireworks.