Let’s Make Fireworks by Lining Up the Stars!

Start by pushing the blue button.
1) There are stars of 8 colors to make fireworks.
Colored Stars: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple
Changing Stars: Pink
Flashing Stars: Light Blue
2) After pushing the start button, arrange the stars of your choice in the holes of the fireworks shell within 5 minutes. (The time left will be displayed on the screen.)
How many patterns can you make using the Colored Stars? Let’s use Changing Stars and Flashing Stars, too! You do not need to put stars in every spot. You can launch fireworks in your favorite shape! How about a smiley face?
3) Launch your fireworks by pushing the red button. You can launch them any time you want within 30 seconds. You can change the arrangement of the stars within that time.