Hanabi Town – Spring and Summer

Renowned throughout the country, the Omagari Hanabi National Fireworks Competition is the highlight of the summer. Celebrated in Daisen for over 100 years, Omagari Hanabi represents the highest level of Japanese pyrotechnics. Fireworks hold a special importance for the people here, adding color and emotion to festivals, events, and significant moments all year round. Interwoven into daily life, fireworks are an irreplaceable piece of the local identity.
Fireworks help celebrate and cheer new beginnings! At admissions or graduations, ceremonies begin and end with day fireworks. The fireworks’ sounds remind people of the familiar places they shall miss as well as their excitement at the new chapters in their lives.
Here comes summer, the long-awaited fireworks season! Festivals and fireworks fill homes with flashing lights and cheers. The crowd is enchanted by Omagari Hanabi.