Daisen Hanabi Artists

Daisen City has hosted the Omagari Hanabi National Fireworks Competition for over a hundred years. Fireworks have been popular in the city for a long time, and today, five companies create and launch them. It is rare for so many fireworks-related companies to be in one region. They compete with one another in some cases and cooperate in others to continue their joint history.

Komatsu Fireworks
(since 1885)
Company slogan: Sky Magic – Creating Happiness with a Magical World in the Sky.
Their forte includes multi-petals shinmono and time-difference light-emitting shells. They aim to manufacture beautiful and sophisticated fireworks based on warimono, the most basic of Japanese fireworks. The company manages launches and stage production for various events, mainly in the Tohoku region, and also provides their services to agents nationwide.

Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks
(since 1894)
Company slogan: Tradition and Innovation – Inspirational Light and Sound
The company creates traditional warimono as well as innovative new fireworks. They make safe yet inspiring works. The Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks company values teamwork and is eager to adopt the young generation’s ideas. By doing so, while preserving the techniques and traditions inherited from their predecessors, they create inventive fireworks and also offer them to other business operators.

North Japan Fireworks
(since 1899)
Company slogans: Effort, Trust, and Ingenuity, and Pioneer of Future Fireworks
Their slogans reflect their aspiration to create fireworks that everyone can enjoy and that fill people with happiness. Their specialties are musical fireworks that help the audience imagine a scene, and creative pieces like katamono. They also make fireworks unique to the Daisen/Senboku region, such as event fireworks and Zangetsu (fireworks containing a parachute with a company or a shop’s name). They see fireworks as entertainment properties, but also intend to make them more artistic by upholding originality and handling them with integrity. North Japan Fireworks are interested in a space for fireworks where they are used to charm the audience and sponsors.

(since 1901)
The company applies cultivated techniques and puts all its heart into making fireworks that stay in people’s minds. In addition to traditional fireworks with Wabi, they utilize pastel colors that stand out beautifully in the sky. They have established a reputation for their Senrin. The company make efforts every day to surprise and impress the audience with colorful fireworks.

Hanabi Creative Enterprise
(since 2015)
This company manufactures Kamuro Chrysanthemum, which are often used in fireworks performances. They create universally used fireworks shells and offer them to other companies in a bid to contribute to Japanese artistic Hanabi culture. Their wish is for people to be filled with hope and dreams by experiencing Omagari Hanabi. They also intend to spruce up the area by cooperating with the local community. The enterprise offers services for fireworks stage production and events support, and is developing souvenirs related to fireworks festivals.