Hanabist is an avocational qualification acknowledged by the NPO the Omagari Hanabi Club. This club seeks to provide people with the knowledge needed to appreciate fireworks that deepens their allows intellectual understanding and enjoyment of watching fireworks. An examination is held in Daisen every fall. Anyone above the age of sixteen can take this exam, except for those who have never seen fireworks, who hate fireworks, who cannot use fireworks for peaceful purposes, or who do not think that fireworks are an art form. On the day of the exam, there are lectures on the history of fireworks, their categories, their production and launching processes, and key points about being a hanabist, as well as fireworks competitions in Japan. The actual test involves watching videos and writing. There were 81 examinees in 2018, and more than 1,200 people have qualified to date. We guarantee that you will find new ways to enjoy fireworks by cultivating an eye for them as a hanabist.
Contact: NPO Omagari Hanabi Club
TEL 0187-62-6887