International Firework Symposium

The international firework symposiums bring firework experts (researchers, firework makers, event organizers, and others) together and gives them a platform to exchange the latest knowledge and make business transactions. The first symposium was held in Montreal, Canada, in 1992. The symposiums are held roughly every other year. Recent international firework symposiums have gathered over 600 people from more than 30 countries and regions from across the world.

The 16th International Firework Symposium at Omagari
The 16th International Firework Symposium was held at Omagari from April 24 to 29, 2017. This was the second international symposium in Japan. The first was held Shiga in 2006. The symposium included technical programs (research presentations and group discussions), trade shows and exhibitions, optional tours, and firework demonstrations with fireworks from all over Japan and all over the world. It established a new tradition for the Spring Session of the Omagari Fireworks.