Various Structures

– Many small holes, excavated here, suggest the existence of pillar-supported buildings, with the roof on top of six pillars. They may have been either housings, storages, or Mogari-stands (structures that had pillars to support a horizontal board, on which dead bodies were placed). Traces of the use of fire were found in some of them, which suggests that they were used for rituals.
– Between the stones on the circles of stones, pieces of earthenware were excavated. We believe that earthen pots with human bones in them were buried there.
– A 100-meter long ditch, 1 meter wide and 1 meter deep, was found here. Before the introduction of iron tools, it was not an easy task to create such a structure only with wooden and stone tools. There must have been some important role for this ditch.
– In addition to stone circles, there were also stone arrangements which were smaller in scale. On this site, we have found stone arrangements in the shape of a sundial and also in the shape of flower petals.

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