State-Designated Historic Site – Isedotai Archaeological Site

The Isedotai Archaeological Site is located on a plateau at 40-50 meters above sea level, to the south across a brook from Ogata Station of Akita Inland Railway. It dates back to the Late Jomon Period. The most significant feature of the Isedotai Site is the 4 stone circles. Only this site has as many as 4 stone circles in Japan. In addition to the stone circles at the center, the site contains pillar-supported buildings, pit graves, storage pits, ditches, flask-shaped holes, and remains of a stone sundial.
Access to the Isedotai Site: 5 minutes’ walk from Ogata Station of Akita Inland Railway; 15 minutes’ ride from Takanosu Station of JR Ou Honsen Line; 5 minutes’ ride from Odate-Noshiro Airport; or 120 minutes’ ride from downtown Akita City.

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