Festival tools

Clay figures: The majority of clay figures resemble women. People likely prayed for bounties of natural blessings through the mystical power of women who gave birth to and raised children. Stone rods and stone swords: The stone rod was an important tool that asked the gods to grant the village and descendants prosperity. The stone swords were likely stone rods that had become smaller and changed shape over time. The way to conduct festivals also changed and they went from holding them indoors to doing so outdoors. Clay tablets with footprints and foot-shaped stone items: Clay items with young children’s hand- or footprints and stone items in the shape of feet were likely made to pray for the growth and health of children. Mushroom-shaped clay items, animal-shaped clay items, and clay items with animals: The unearthing of mushroom-shaped clay items suggests that mushrooms were collected for either food or medicine. Poisonous mushrooms that could cause hallucinations were likely used for magic and ceremonies. Clay items in the shape of wild boar or bear were tools for hunting festivals and magic. Vases with clay animals inside were perhaps used as vessels for animal spirits during hunting rituals.