Ippongi-ushiro square-shaped stone arrangements

This collection of stone arrangements consists of stone arrangements systematically distributed, just like the Nonakadō and Manza stone circles, but they do not seem to make up circles, making up arches instead. Nonetheless, they have many things in common with the stone circles, such as having inner and outer parts with arch-shaped formations in-between and making up a group of arrangements, so it appears like they were the beginnings of the stone circles. A survey from 1984 to 1986 found that there were pits beneath all 43 stones, and burial urns were discovered in two of those pits, 13 flint arrowheads thought to have been grave goods in one of them, and vermillion-lacquered wooden items in the other. Analysis of fatty-acid residues in the pits also showed a “high likelihood of higher animals as burial goods,” which further suggests that these stone arrangements were stone graves.