A Kaya Tree

A Kaya Tree (Japanese Nutmeg)

Location Oga city Kitaura-Shinzan

This famous tree more than thousands of  years old, was planted by the great buddhist master Jikaku Daishi in the garden of the Koboji temple, a well-known temple at the time.

It is 4 meters wide around the root and 11 meters high. Its branches and thick leaves spread out 24 meters east-west, and 18 meters south-north. Its hugeness represents the long history of the Shinzan temple. It was recognized as an Akita Natural Monument in 1954.

Aisoka Yuki composed a poem:

Inishie-no-koboji-no-ato-tomekureba (I sought for the remains of the Koboji temple,)

Jurei-sensuhyakunen-no-taiboku-no-kaya (only to find a giant kaya tree of more than a thousand years.)”

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