The Former Front Office

The inside of the AKARENGA-KAN and the ceilings are painted in a pale white color. Although complicated baroque style plaster decorations on the ceiling use motives of Japanese honeysuckle for the arabesque and Greek acanthus leaves for the relief, they are well balanced and appear to float beautifully. The mold for the figures was taken in agar and then they were carved out in plaster. The color tiles on the floor in the customer hall were made in England. The lower part of the wall is covered with serpentine marble from Saitama prefecture. Dark green serpentine marble is crisscrossed with white calcite in a net pattern, which harmonizes with white plaster walls. The gorgeous fireplace and counter are made of aragonite from Fukushima prefecture. To maintain the customer hall temperature at 21 degrees Celsius during winters, cast iron cylinder radiators made in United States were installed. There were Japanese-style standing radiators in other guest rooms. During the restoration the Japanese-style radiators were replaced by the present ones.

Akarenga Kan