Mt. Himegatake

On the near side of one of Mt.Kanpuzan’s two peaks, at a height of 337m, is a second crater called Kotama no Ike Pond. There is a myth about a giant serpent associated with this crater. Long ago, the crater was filled with water and a girl named Otama threw herself into it rather than be forced into an unwanted marriage, giving it the name Tama no Ike (Tama’s Pond, later Kotama no Ike, or Old Tama’s Pond). Otama transformed into a giant serpent, but the lake eventually dried up and she moved to the present-day Tama no Ike (Shintama no Ike, or New Tama’s Pond). It is said she left a ridge of mountains in her wake, which is now called Jakoshi Nagane (Long Root of the Serpent’s Passing).