Oga Dugout Canoe

Made from over-300-years-old cedar, this dugout canoe uses oars for propulsion and has been used by the villages along the Oga Peninsula shore for both harvesting sea snails and transportation of goods since long ago. The many volcanic reefs in Oga’s seas make the canoe an ideal choice, as it does not break easily even when dashed against the rocks. It is also not easily washed away by the wind and waves, and is resistant to capsizing.In 1870,It’s learned that there were 389 vessels at Oga Peninsula. In 1977, about 40 vessels were in use. Built in 1951, this two-person canoe measuring 655cm in length by 86cm in width is representative of its kind and was used in the sea around Kamo-Aosa before being officially designated as a relic.