The First/The Second Dock Seawall at Funakawa Port

After being designated an important harbor by the government in 1910, construction on Funakawa Port began the next year and was completed in 1931, with the port officially opening on February 28th,1930. About 2/3 of the Second Dock Seawall has now been filled in, but at the time it was built, the full length of the 363.6m seawall was made with Oga Rocks from Mt.Kampuzan using a technique called “kenchiishizumi”. Built in 1914 using the same technique, the First Dock Seawall has been completely filled in, with only the mooring posts remaining. The port brought new life to the area, with the population of Funagawaminato-machi jumping from 4,500 in 1901 to 17,000 in 1950.

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