Minaminoike Park

Minaminoike Park was built in 1976 to commemorate the completion of the Hachiro Lagoon land reclamation. It is filled with many beautiful flowers, such as the Yoshino cherry and rhododendron in spring, and the lotus flower in summer. In the park you’ll find many monuments, such as the Land Reclamation Monument, dredger “Donryu” used in the reclamation, a monument to the Ogata Village settlers with all their names carved on it, and a monument with the poem “Though the Moss at the Bottom of the Sea Flutters Ever Green, Spring Will Come to Hachiro Lagoon” by Reisui Ishida, a poet who loved Hachiro Lagoon. Step back in time to the days of the Hachiro Lagoon reclamation and learn about the experiences of the Ogata Village settlers.