Hachiro Lagoon Reclaimed Land Canola Flower Field

Cultivation of canola flowers in Ogata Village began in 1991. It began with an idea to plant canola flowers as a scenic crop, and cultivation was undertaken by the Ogatamura Koushinkai, a senior citizens organization involved in townscape planning, volunteerism, and social gatherings. After some trial and error, by 1994, flowers bloomed in the field in front of Hotel Sun Rural Ogata and along the roadsides throughout the town, and the first “Canola Flower Festival” was held. Later, in 1997, tracks were laid in the field for a mini steam locomotive train. The “Cherry Blossom and Canola Flower Festival” is held every year during Golden Week, drawing large crowds. Because the canola flower does not grow well with repeated cultivation, the Ogatamura Koushinkai has been researching ways of continuing to grow these beautiful flowers in the same field on a yearly basis.