Cherry Trees and Canola Flower Road

The cherry trees were planted along about 11km of Prefectural Highway 298 to celebrate Ogata Village’s 20th anniversary over three years, starting in 1984. There are 3,000 trees in total from three different varieties: the Yoshino cherry, the Yaezakura cherry, and the North Japanese hill cherry. In 2014, to celebrate the town’s 50th anniversary, an additional 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees were planted. Many of the townspeople helped in planting these trees. At the base of the trees are canola flowers, planted by the Ogatamura Koushinkai, a senior citizens organization involved in townscape planning, volunteerism, and social gatherings. Most years, both the cherry trees and the canola flowers bloom around Golden Week in late April/early May, allowing you to enjoy the brilliant contrast of pink and yellow.