Hachiro Lagoon Reclamation Embankment/Agricultural Water Intake Facility(A1)

Born from the Hachiro Lagoon reclamation, the town of Ogata Village is surrounded by a 51.5km long embankment. Acting as the town’s lifeline, this bank took six years to build, beginning in 1958. The bank on the western canal was made using sand taken directly from the bottom of Hachiro Lagoon. The sand used for the embankment came entirely from Hachiro Lagoon, with some being transported from off the Futto coast in Oga and from the north and west parts of the lake. Over 25 million m3 of sand was used in building the embankment, enough to fill Tokyo Dome over 20 times. There are also 19 water intake facilities for use in agriculture, with nine on the western canal designed to use drains in the embankment. Because the canal is lower than the reclaimed land, the intake facility can draw water just by regulating the gate.

Ogata Village