Hachiro Lagoon Reclamation Embankment/Agricultural Water Intake Facility(E2)

Born from the Hachiro Lagoon reclamation, Ogata Village is surrounded by a 51.5km long embankment. Acting as the town’s lifeline, this bank took six years to build, beginning in 1958. In areas where the lake bottom was weak, the embankment was created by digging 2m into the ground and replacing it with better quality sand, then piling more sand on top of it. For the sturdier sections of lake bottom, sand was poured directly on the lake bottom itself. The sand used for the embankment came entirely from Hachiro Lagoon. In addition, there are 19 water intake facilities for use in agriculture. Twelve of these, located on the Eastern Canal/Hachiro Lagoon Regulation Lake side, consist of steel pipes straddling the embankment in order to fortify it and draw water using siphons.

Ogata Village