Goshado Shrine and its Premises

The stone stairs from the lotus pond leads to the premises of Goshodo Shrine, which is located 180 to 190 meters above sea level. It has three levels of land inside and is separated by moats and earthen walls from the outside. On the west side of the main approach is Mitarashi Pond, which has an island, to which Mumyo Bridge once led from the shore. The well near Mitarashi Pond is named Sugatami Well. On the west side of Mitarashi Pond is what is believed to be Kumano Hall and Bato-Kannon (Horsehead Buddha) Hall, and walking further along the broken approach we find the ruins of Fudo Hall and an unnamed foundation stone to the right thereof. On the east side of Mitarashi Pond, across the main approach, is leveled ground, on which there was probably a building, although not even the foundation stones now remain. Walking further along the stone-paved approach, we reach another stretch of leveled ground with the foundation stones of Nagatoko (a residential building). To the right is an upside down cedar (i.e., an old cedar tree, the branches of which point to the earth rather than the sky). Stone stairs on both sides of the ruins of Nagatoko lead to Goshado Shrine.

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