History of Senshu Park

Senshu Park was established on the site of the former Kubota Castle. The castle was built in 1603 by Lord Satake Yoshinobu, the first lord of the Akita Domain who had been relegated from Hitachi Province in 1602. The castle did not have a donjon (castle tower) or stone walls.

In 1896, the castle was improved under the design of landscape gardener, Nagaoka Yasuhei. In 1984, Satake Yoshinaga donated the castle to Akita City in his will, and it became a public park owned by the city. Ryoichi Kano, a Chinese classics scholar from Akita, named the park “Senshu”, praying for the perpetual prosperity of Akita.

In 1989, Senshu park was selected as one of the 100 Best Urban Parks in Japan.

Senshu Park