Kakunodate Cherry Bark Craft Museum

The Samurai District of Kakunodate boasts more than the beautiful samurai houses. The Kakunodate Cherry Bark Craft Museum is located in the middle of the avenue.
At the entrance, an explanation plaque provides a brief history as follows.

“Kakunodate Cherry Bark Craft Museum
This museum was opened in 1978 to promote the cherry bark articraft industry and develop tourism in the area. It costs 300 yen per person to visit the exposition of various artifacts and historical documents and view a demonstration of cherry bark handicraft (300 yen per person). However, visits to other parts of the museum including the shop and coffee room are free of charge. The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm (4.30 pm in winter), and closed during the New Year holidays.”

Further explanation is provided on a board in the museum as follows.
“Introduction to the Museum20171214_113323.jpg
The Kakunodate Cherry Bark Craft Museum was opened on September 1, 1978. It is officially named the “Kakunodate Museum for the Transmission of Cherry Bark Articraft and the Regional Culture and History Center.”
Regarding its role in the transmission of traditional articraft, this museum is the third of its kind in Japan after the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts in Kyoto (Kyoto Prefecture), which showcases Nishijin silk fabrics, and the Traditional Crafts Center of Shigaraki in Koga (Shiga Prefecture), which focuses on Shigraki ware. The role of this museum is to develop the cherry bark articraft of Kakunodate, which the State designated as traditional crafts in February 1976. In addition, the museum collects, conserves, and exhibits the cultural heritage of the castle town of Kakunodate in four exhibition rooms on the first and second floors.
The tourism information hall can be freely used, and a coffee room is located on the second floor. A demonstration of how cherry bark articraft is made is provided in the craft studio. The local product exhibition room gives an overview of the local products and tourism in the area.”

The cherry bark articraft exhibition room includes a collection of beautiful art pieces.

Cherry Bark Articraft
Straw Work

This museum also aspires to achieve its mission as a regional culture and history center, and to this end, exhibits local history documents.
Satake Yoshimasa (1775-1815)
Items of Samurai Life

Please visit the Kakunodate Cherry Bark Craft Museum to learn more about the displayed artifacts and history to increase your enjoyment of Akita.

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