Project for the Conservation of Kakunodate Weeping Cherry Trees, a State-Designated Natural Treasure

20171214_111024.jpgIn October 1974, the weeping cherry trees of Kakunodate, which provide special allure for the Samurai District, were designated by the State as a natural treasure.
To revitalize the weeping cherry trees, from fiscal year 1999 to 2007, we conducted research on them, established a conservation plan, and implemented measures to improve their condition.
Enough sunlight and soil that enables their roots to grow well are needed. We implemented the six measures below to improve the environment for the weeping cherry trees, considering the condition of each.
1.To protect the roots and help their growth: 1) Improvement of the soil, 2) guidance for roots, 3) aired the earth, 4) removed mounds, and 5) installed protective barriers
2. To ensure enough sunlight: Pruned nearby trees
National Agency of Culture, Akita Prefectural Board of Education, and Semboku City Board of Education.”

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