Just under the ridge, exists the cave formation of Kankanedo where sounds softly echo like a whisper from the rocks. The caves are thought to have been formed by wave erosion over tens of millions of years and there are four in all which are thought to have been formed from three directions (sea-side, land-side and ceiling-side).
The name “Kankanedo” is said to be derived from two different sets of Japanese words. The first being “kari ga ne” (goose call) and the second being “kagi kake” (to lock). Both of these sets of words are similar to the name of the caves in Japanese.
To the north, you’ll see Kamoaosa Village along beautiful Blur Sand Beach, and further along, the beautiful scenery of Sakurajima Beach starting from Tenga Cape, appropriately named “Beach Garden”.
Kankanedo can be accessed by foot and is only a 10 minute walk from Kamoaosa Village.
WARNING Access to some areas shown on this sign is extremely treacherous. Trails are known but unmarked. Hike at your own risk and exercise extreme caution all times.


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