Koshio Shrine

Koshio Shrine (State-Designated Important Cultural Property)

Togashi Sawemontaro built Koshio Shrine in 1570 under the authority of Tozawa Hyobu. The government designated it “building for special protection” in 1908 and later “national treasure building.” It was known that this shrine was built by an architect from Hida Province (Gifu Prefecture), but it was only in 1930 that the master architect’s name was known as Jimbei of Furukawa Village (present-day Furukawa Town, Yoshiki County, Gifu Prefecture) when the Ministry of Education took the reparation work and discovered a commemorative plate with the inscription of “Carpenter Jimbei of Furukawa Village.” For the architecural value of this shrine, Dr Chuta Ito, the first modern scholar who investigated it, wrote: “the most precious and rarest of all with its audacious and unconventional style, which is worth careful attention.” According to Prof. Shun’ichi Amanuma, “this building goes beyond all architecural models, Japanese, Chinese or even celestial one, and presents itself among the best in the world.” The more the visitors look at it, the more they will appreciate the originality and creativity of Carpenter Jimbei. The Hall of Offerings and Fences were added in 1930. – Daisen City