Oyasu Ravine

Billowing clouds of steam emanate from the rocks in this beautiful ravine, which is bordered by spectacular cliffs.

Oyasu Ravine is located at the entrance to Kurikoma Quasi-National Park in the southeast of Akita. It is a ravine formed by erosion from the rapid currents of the Minase River, with V-shaped cliffs of about 4 kilometers long and 60 meters high. Travel down the walking path and you will see the best scenic spot, Daifunto, nicknamed the “Bathtub of Hell.” There you will hear the hot springs bubbling up, about 10 t per hour at 98 degC, sounding just as if the earth was breathing.

Oyasu-kyo Hot Spring is a mountain hot spring that looks down on the ravine, and has been busy with visitors for decades. From Kawarayu Bridge over the Minase River, you can look out over the whole ravine. You can enjoy the fresh green of spring, the tinted leaves of autumn, and the icicles that hang from the ravine during the winter.

Tokoton Hill in Oyasu Ravine is a leisure spot equipped with various sports facilities. You can camp, play tennis or swim in the heated swimming pool. In winter you can ski, and from spring until autumn you can enjoy an unusual sport- grass skiing – on the ski slopes.

DirectionsFrom Tokyo:
[Rail] Approx. 3h 25 min from Tokyo to Omagari Station by JR Akita Shinkansen Line, and 35 min from the station to Yuzawa Station by JR Ou Honsen Line. 55 min from Yuzawa Eigyosho (bus terminal) to Daifunto-Iriguchi by Ugo Kotsu Bus.