Ryōzeki Sake Brewery

Ryōzeki Sake Brewery was founded in 1874. Its contributions to the nationwide reputation regarding sake brewed in Akita date back to 1913, when it was awarded an honorary prize at the national biennial competitive sake fair. Since then, it has been the recipient of many other awards.
The main building was constructed in 1923 in the traditional machiya style, which is characterized by a relatively narrow frontage that protrudes deeply into the city block. The frontal part facing the street is used for business, and the rear part is a residence. Viewed from the street, the combination of windows with fine wood grates and beams supporting the roof creates a beautiful landscape and is considered by local residents as the symbol of Yuzawa, the town of sake.
In addition to the main building, the brewery has four kura-style buildings with traditional plaster walls; they are used for the production and storage of sake. All five buildings (i.e., the main building and the four kura buildings) are covered by a single great roof. Viewed from outside, the appearance is that of one huge building. Yuzawa is known for heavy snowfalls, but the great roof allows sake makers to move easily from one building to another during the winter months.
Yuzawa City