Items of Samurai Life

“Items of Samurai Life
Kakunodate was ruled by the Tozawa family from the Middle Ages until the Sengoku period, the Ashina family in the early Edo period, and the Stake-Kita family from 1658 to the end of the Edo period. This exhibition room showcases items from the time of Satake-Kita family rule, including a poetry guidebook, clothes in the imperial style, and utensils, which remind us that the Satake-Kita family brought the culture of Kyoto to Kakunodate. The exhibit includes armature and wartime clothes used by retainers at the time. In addition, the exhibition displays writings and drawings by Satake Yoshimasa and Masudo Soshu, and antique books such as Monsa-Kiko and Sako-Kiko, which established the reputation of Lake Tazawa and Kayoshu, as well as a collection of pressed flowers by Satake Yoshibumi.”

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