Sato Yosuke Udon Store: Message for Customers

Sato Yosuke Udon Store: Message for Customers

Sato Yosuke Store was established in 1860, just eight years before the end of the Edo era. Our main product, “Inaniwa Hoshi-Udon,” originates from the skills passed down from an udon noodle chef named Inaniwa Kichizaemon.

Kichizaemon’s udon-making skill was favored by Lord Satake of Kubota (Akita) domain. The family policy of transmitting the secrets of udon making to only one of the sons put the tradition in danger. Kichizaemon chose Sato Yosuke as his successor, who later became the founder of Sato Yosuke Store.

In the Meiji era (1868–1912), Inaniwa Hoshi-Udon was issued a royal warrant by the Imperial Household Agency and was awarded in many competitions. The noble taste of Sato Yosuke’s Inaniwa Hoshi-Udon remained unknown to the general public until the mid-Meiji era. The fully-handmade production secrets and authentic taste have been handed down consecutively from generation to generation to keep the tradition alive up to the present.

September 18, 2018

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