Map of Old District Names of Tsuchizaki-Minato

After the Satake family abandoned Minato Castle and constructed Kubota Castle in 1604, eight districts of Tsuchizaki developed as bourgeois towns. With economic development and ensuing increase in population, new districts were added, such as Kokubo-cho, Shin-machi, Shimizu-machi, Sin-Yanagi-machi. In time, some of the district names were changed as well. After the introduction of the land registration system in the Meiji era, new district names, such as Atago-machi, Okura-machi, Furukawa-machi, Inari-machi, Ikki-machi, and Asahi-machi were created, even though houses and buildings were already there when the new names were given.

Numbers in Blue on the Map
1) Kohoku Elementary School, 2) Tsuchizaki Library, 3) Tsuchizaki Junior High School, 4) Fire Station, 5) Tsuchizaki Post Office, 6) Akita Bank, 7) Akita Shinkin Bank, 8) Hokuto Bank, 9) Tsuchizaki Elementary School, 10) Rinko Police Station, 11) Ferry Terminal, 12) Shopping Center – Bay Paradise, 13) Hotel Route Inn, 14) Hote Yamato, 15) Aeon Shopping Center Tsuchizaki-Minato, 16) Akita Kenshin Bank, 17) Tsuchizaki-Minami Elementary School, and 18) Akita Chuo High School

Numbers in Red on the Map
1) Kamado Shrine, 2) Shōzen-in Temple, 3) Saisenji Temple, 4) Honjūji Temple, 5) Kyūhōji Temple, 6) Kōanji Temple, 7) Mansenji Temple, 8) Meishōji Temple, 9) Sōryūji Temple, 10) Shōkōji Temple, 11) Jōenji Temple, 12) Zendōji Temple, 13) Jitsujōin Temple, 14) Ryūjin Shrine, 15) Kaizenji Temple, 16) Konkōji Temple, 17) Atago Shrine, 18) Tamon-in Temple, 19) Jizōin Temple, 20) Kokuzōson Temple, 21) Reibaiin Temple, and 22) Kenshōji Temple

List of District Names (Eight Original Districts are with Asterisks)
In the light green area: Kokubo-cho, Okura-machi, *Shinjō-machi, *Kami-Sakata-machi, and *Shimo-Sakata-machi.
In the orange area: Makuarai-Ikku, Makuarai-Niku, Makuarai-Sanku, Atago-machi, Sin-Yanagi-machi, and Minami-Makuarai-Kawa.
In the dark blue area: *Ogamo-machi, Inari-machi, *Kaga-machi, *Eikaku-machi, and Furukawa-machi.
In the light brown area: Shimizu-machi-Ikku, Shimizu-machi-Niku, Shimizu-machi-sanku, and Motoyama-cho.
In the turquoise area: Asahi-machi-Ikku, Asahi-machi-Niku, and Asahi-machi-Sanku.
In the purple area: *Sakana-machi, *Gatsugi-machi, Shin-machi, Ikki-machi-Ikku, and Ikki-machi-Niku.
In the sky-blue area: Shōgunno-Ikku, Shōgunno-Niku, and Shōgunno-Sanku.
In the pink area: Shōgunno-Yonku, Shōgunno-Goku, Kōhoku-cho, Tetsudō-Jūtaku, and Wakamatsu-cho.
In the dark brown area: Sōzen-machi

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