Shikomi-Mizu (pure water for brewing)

Shikomi-Mizu (pure water for brewing)

From 1837 on, water pumped up from a well has been used for the brewing of soy sauce and miso.

Kakunodate, also known as “Little Kyoto of Michinoku (an old name for the Tohoku region),” is abundant in pure subsoil water originating from Tama River in the east and Hinokinai River in the west.

Moreover, due to the basin-like landform with mountains on three sides and a plain in the south, Kakunodate is blessed with hot summers and cold winters, which is said to give the best results for brewers.

Our miso, soy sauce, and pickles are naturally brewed with the pure water of Tama and Hinokinai Rivers and the fertile land of the Semboku plains.


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