Takahashi Brewing

Takahashi Brewery is located in Rokugô in Misato Town, which is known for its clean water and natural springs. The name Rokugô probably originates from an Ainu expression, “Rukokottsui,” meaning “location of clean water.” The water source is groundwater cultivated at an alluvial fan located on the east side of town. Cold (12–15°C) filtered water emerges from the surface in more than 60 locations throughout the town year-round. Unlike other cities, in which the government supplies public water, the public us-es this clean water for everything from drinking to washing vegetables and clothes. The “Takaramon Kiyomizu” water spring is one of 60 national famous waters selected by the Ministry of Environment, and this water is also used in Takahashi Brewery. The Takaramon Kiyomizu is a highly reputable water spring even among those in Rokugô-cho, located in the district which was named after the spring it-self. The spring was discovered during the Azuchimomo-yama period. While the Lord of Rokugô Castle, Hyôgo-no-Kami Nikaido, was fighting against Tôtômi-no-Kami Onodera, a natural spring was discovered under a temple gate. The name “Takara” means “treasure,” “Mon” means “gate,” and “Kiyomizu” means “spring water.” Thus, “Takaramon Kiyomizu” means “spring water as a treasure under the (temple) gate.”
Takahashi Brewery was established in 1919 in Senhata Villlage, and it moved to Rokugô Town in 1955. When the brewery moved to Rokugô, the ex-mayor of Rokugô Town, Mr. Hatakeyama, offered his residence. On the path to the brewery, a small pond is neatly paved with round stones, which is pleasing to visitors. This beautiful pond may re-mind visitors that this brewery is very proud of the quality of its water.