Lacquer-Permeated Document no. 16: Death register

This is a register showing the names, ages, and death dates of people who have passed away. It is a compilation of all the people who died in Akita District in a year by household. Household registers and statistics were compiled on the basis of this death register. Some parts show evidence of administrative processing as there are revisions in black ink as well as circles and crosses in red ink. Of the names, Koshi no kimi belonged to a group based in Biki and Kanbara Districts in Echigo Province (present-day Niigata Prefecture), while Enuma no omi belonged to a group based in Enuma District in Kaga Province (present-day Ishikawa Prefecture). This shows that people were moving from the Hokuriku region under the ritsuryō order. They might have been the migrants Kinohe or their descendants. Six people died in the same household in one year, revealing how difficult life was at that time. The age of other documents excavated there suggests that this was written in the first half of the ninth century.