Story of Nyudozaki

About 150 years ago, a ship left on a fishing expedition and got lost in thick fog for three days. With no food left on board and no means to find land, the fishermen prayed in earnest. When dawn was about to break, they found a ray of light shining on the sea. A fisherman exclaimed: “This is Ake no Myodo (bright way at dawn). We will definitely reach land if we follow this light and sail east.” All of the fishermen worked together. They sailed towards the light and finally reached a shore where they saw a huge rock. Those who were saved named the big rock Myodo-no-Iwa (Rock of Myodo) to show their gratitude. It is now difficult to identify which rock is Myojo-no-Iwa, but their appreciation is likely reflected in the name of Nyudozaki (“Cape of entering the way [of Buddhism]”).

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