Oga Peninsula in Brief

Only 40 kilometers from the city of Akita, the Oga Peninsula attracts tourists with the masculine beauty of its coastline and the feminine beauty of its soft meadows. On top of Mt. Kampu, surrounded by soft turf, stands an auto-rotating belvedere. It offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the village of Ogata that is situated on the reclaimed land of Hachirogata, as well as of the Sea of Japan, Mt. Chokai, and the mountains of Tsugaru. One can also see a rich variety of points of interest such as the Hachibodai Observatory on a hilltop, the beautiful lakes of the Megata volcanic crater group (maars), the dynamic coastline with ranges of uniquely shaped rocks, the sheer cliff of Cape Nyudozaki, and the Oga hot spring area surrounded by acacia trees. In addition, along the coast of the peninsula, cruising on a pleasure boat to visit a variety of seascapes of islets, caves, and waterfalls will make Oga your personal utopia.


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