Yoshiatsu Satake (1748–1785)

The eighth lord of Kubota domain who reigned for 27 years

It was during the reign of Yoshiatsu that the Akita Ranga (Akita School of Western Paintings) developed after a visit by Gennai Hiraga, a reputed scholar of Western studies (rangaku), to Akita, principally as a technical advisor for the mining industry. Lord Yoshiatsu Satake himself participated in the artistic movement of Akita Ranga and left us a number of works in the Western style. He also authored an academic book on the technique of Western paintings. But his lordship was also met with several years of poor crops and floods in the domain. His efforts to renew the domanial bureaucracy, including the dismissal of the karo (the highest-ranked official in the administration), could not bear fruit because of his early death at the age of 38.

For more about Akita Ranga, see Akita Ranga and Its International Dimensions (PDF)

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