Yoshitaka Satake (1609–1671)

The second lord of Kubota domain who reigned for 38 years

Yoshitaka is remembered as a great lord who introduced the time-telling bell of Ninomaru (second district on the premises of the castle), established the town administrator’s office (machi-bugyo) as well as the secret administrator’s office (ura-bugyo), and contributed in many other ways to consolidating the rule of the Satake family in Akita. With his administrative achievements, he was given the Shogun’s Hammotsu (highly dignified recognition of vassalage) for the first time, which assured him 205,800 koku of annual revenue. However, in the later years of his reign, Kubota domain fell into a serious financial crisis after two major fires that destroyed the main building of Kubota Castle and the lord’s residence in Edo (at Uchikanda-Asahicho).

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