Four Stone Circles

– Stone Circle A has a diameter of 32 meters. Viewed from the sky, it has a shape of a melon, the vine of which some scholars believe were used as a special passage at religious rituals. Stone Circle A also had a peculiar arrangement of stones called Komakino Style. It was to place long stones horizontally and vertically and was a style found at the Komakino Site in Aomori City. There may have been some cultural exchanges between the two locations.
– Stone Circle B has the shape of a broken circle and is believed to be an unfinished one. The reputed flat clay figure, which has become the icon of the Isedotai Site, was found here.
– Stone Circle C is the largest one here, with a diameter of 45 meters. It has triple concentric circles.
– Stone Circle D has a diameter of 36 meters, with a slightly lower density of stones than the other three stone circles. Southern parts of Stone Circles C and D have not been excavated and are preserved in the original status.
* Features of the Stones Used Here: Rounded stones as we have on river banks are used here. More than 20 types of stone have been found, including landsite, porphyrite, rhyolite, and tuff. Those stones were brought here from Yoneshiro River, 1 km to the north, or its subsidiaries, Osarube River and Yuguruma River.

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