National Historic Site: Ruins of Wakimoto Castle – Tengamichi: a road of a whole world –

The primary means of transportation in medieval times was either on foot, by horse, or by ship. It is believed that Wakimoto castle ruled the surrounding harbors and streets to control all three means. The ancient road leading to this explanatory board is called “Tengamichi (a road of the whole world).” It was likely built in medieval times. This road used to be the main road from Akita to Funakawa and Kitaura, even though it is now blocked by a new paved road on the west side of the castle. The road beyond this point was added later and the original Tengado used to lead to the mountain side, cutting across the Uchidate section. It was a trench-like road with high walls on both sides.
Beyond this board is the Uchidate section. We can see plainly terraced enclosures, mounds for defense, and empty wells. Archaeological excavations so far have revealed that massive works had been undertaken while taking advantage of the geographical features, and that many buildings, walls, and dikes existed here. Please take a walk to enjoy the wonderful sea view and imagine what was once here in medieval times.
Oga City Board of Education

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