Ruins of Wakimoto Castle

This castle was made the residence of Chikasue Shimonokuni-Ando (Hiyama-Ando) after a substantial renovation in 1577. He was originally the lord of Hiyama Castle, but after the conquest of Akita-Minato Castle in 1570 and the inclusion of Ogashima (the present-day central part of Oga City) in its territory, Chikasue moved his headquarters to Wakimoto Castle. In those days, he assumed the title of Hinomoto Shogun to deal with the Ainu population and even negotiated with Nobunaga Oda. His maximum territory included Chausudate in Noshiro City (northern part of Akita Prefecture) and Iwakuradate in Yurihonjo City (southern part of Akita Prefecture). The foundation of the fortification likely dates back to the 14th century. After Chikasue, Goro-Nagasue Wakimoto took over the castle.The castle was damaged by the Battle of Minato in 1589, but Sanesue Akita could not receive a license for full reparations from Hideyoshi Toyotomi. During the Edo era, it was often called the Taihei Castle Ruins or the Aibana Castle Ruins. In 1810, a great earthquake hit the region and the edge of the castle ruins fell into the sea at a depth of 700 meters. Some ruins, such as enclosures, mounds, moats, and empty wells, remain today where the main building should have been. Some pieces of Kizeto (old pottery in a warm yellow color), Seiji (porcelain in a blue-green color), and Suzuto (pottery) have been unearthed.

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