National Historic Site: Remains of Wakimoto Castle

Wakimoto Castle was a medieval castle on the southern side of the Oga peninsula in Wakimoto district, which stood 100 meters above sea level protruding over the Sea of Japan. Its remains were designated as a national historic site on September 30, 2004. It has an area of approximately 128 hectares.
From the height of the castle remains, we can see Mt. Chokai to the south, Mt. Shinzan and Mt. Honzan to the west, Mt. Kampu to the north, and the Wakimoto-Hongo communities and Mt. Moriyoshi to the east. The landscape is simply spectacular.
The archeological excavations revealed that massive engineering works had been undertaken to create enclosures on flat terraces. Researchers have unearthed fences, moats, pillar holes, and empty wells in addition to other traces and objects of life in the castle. These discoveries confirm the great power of the castle lord.
August 2007, Oga City Board of Education

Ruins of Wakimoto Castle