Samurai Residence “Ishiguro House”

Samurai Residence “Ishiguro House”

Among the six families who occupied the six samurai houses extant in Kakunodate today, the Ishiguro family was the highest in the feudal hierarchy. The house itself is of much interest as its main building is older than those of the other existing samurai houses in Kakunodate. As the descendants of the Ishiguro family still reside in it, only a part of the house is open to the public. However, this house does allow visitors to walk on tatami in the rooms and offers a story-telling service by staff members that covers the life of a samurai family and the characteristic features of each tatami room (five minutes in length).

<Duration> Around 15 minutes 

*exhibition room is included in the tour


Adults (16+ years old) 500 yen

Children (6-15 years old) 300 yen

List of Heads of the Ishiguro Family 

Episodes of the Heads of the Ishiguro Family 

Layout of the Ishiguro House

Kosui School


Layout of the Satake-Kita Family

Layout of the Main Part of Kubota Castle

Map of Old Kakunodate

House Sign


Box Sleigh

Old Shiraiwa-yaki

Kaitai Shinsho, First Edition

God of Tenjin

Former Ishiguro House

Work of Ishiguro Family

Rice Straw Bag

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